Conquer Clicky 2.0 is a new version of an auto clicker. Conquer Clicky 2.0 was programmed in Visual C# 2008 by Magic_666_. You MUST HAVE Microsoft.NET 3.5 Framework for this program to work correctly!


How to use:

  • Click the “O” button in the upper right corner for the options window.
  • Click the “X” button in the upper right corner to close the program.
  • Click or use the hotkey for a label (Ex. “Left” or “Right” or “F5″) to enable that specific click/press event timer.
  • Speeds for the click/press events are located in the options.

A new “macro” creator is included in this version. It is so simple that if you cannot figure it out then you shouldnt be using it. Right clicking on the “command list” will bring up a menu to save/load it.


  • Pause/Resume = Pause/Break
  • Start/Stop Holding ctrl = Insert
  • Start/Stop Left clicking = Home
  • Start/Stop Right clicking = PageUp
  • Start/Stop Macro = Alt+M

Credits: Magic_666

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