Crests can be crafted from plates collected either from quests, dungeons or Dimensional Rabbits.

Dimensional Rabbit

A mysterious race of rabbits that appear after you beat the boss of an Abyss Dungeon. There are two rabbits that can appear: The Silver Dimensional Rabbit or the Gold Dimensional Rabbit.

The Dimensional Rabbits, when clicked, drops gifts for the player that clicks on it. They can only be clicked once per player, and each player in a party can obtain items from it. If the player has a Dimensional Box Key which can be obtained from bosses of any other dungeon at any difficulty, the rabbits will also give them a number of Dimensional Crystal Fragments which can be sold to NPCs for a large amount of money or traded to an NPC for items, as well as other items such as Epic Skill Plates which can be crafted into Crests.

They can give certain stats, and certain plates can be crafted into multiple crests at Scholar NPCs. Crest slots unlock after certain levels are reached and cannot be unequipped without being destroyed.

There are 2 types of Crest slots, Enhancement and Skills, which are unlocked at the following levels:

  • Level 10 Enhancement
  • Level 14 Enhancement
  • Level 16 Skill
  • Level 18 Enhancement
  • Level 22 Enhancement
  • Level 24 Skill
  • Level 26 Enhancement
  • Level 30 Enhancement
  • Level 32 Skill
  • Level 34 Enhancement
  • Level 38 Enhancement
  • Level 40 Skill

Now to get the Crests to fill those slots, you will need to find Plates with various names attached to them such as these:

Now that you have the plates, it’s time to take them to your favorite local Crest maker.

Select (Craft Crest), right click on the desired plate and then select the option you would like, to create your ideal Crest. Here you can see, given the same skill Crest, there are two choices to improve it: damage increase or cooldown reduction.

Once you have finished, you will now have an item you can insert into your free Crest slot.

It is very easy to overlook the Crest section of your character development, but do not underestimate their importance! Just a single Crest can increase your HP by 900 and that is HUGE for early levels.

Notes About the Crest System

  • A crest is created by fusing a plate together with specific lustres, both of which can be acquired in various dungeons.
  • Plates are unequippable and untradable until they are crafted into crests.
    • Once equipped, crests cannot be taken off without being destroyed in the process.
  • Some crests (such as Enhancement Crests) are general and can be equipped by all classes, others can be equipped depending on your base class (e.g. Cleric, Warrior), and others only can be equipped depending on your second job class (e.g. Elementalist, Acrobat).
  • There are three types of crests: Enhancement crests, which bestow additional stats on your character, Skill crests, which modify certain aspects of your skills (e.g. higher damage, lower charge time), and Special crests, which grant you entirely new skills.
  • You cannot equip two of the same type of crest even though they have a different level requirement or rarity.
  • Crests require slots in the crest screen to be used. Slots are unlocked by leveling up. Access your crest screen by opening your character window (default key P) and clicking on Crest.
    • Each slot in the Crest has a Crest Type and Grade that determines what crest can be equipped on it.
    • In total, there are 8 Enhancement Crest slots, 4 Skill Crest slots, and 1 Special Crest slot.
  • The crest system cannot be used until level 10.
  • Plates use the same rarity system as equipment, and their stats of the plate reflect their rarity.
  • There are 3 grades of plates: Normal (Magic rarity), Quality (Rare rarity), and Superb (Epic rarity).

Using the Plate System

  1. Talk to a Scholar in a town and choose the [Craft Crest] option.
  2. Place a plate in the menu. Plates can be found in any dungeons.
  3. The NPC will let you pick the crest you would like to craft. He will also tell you the required lustres and fee.
  4. Click on the Create button and the crest you have selected will be made.

Dragon Nest – Crest Display

Dragon Nest Special Skill Crest – Cow Strike

This is the special skill crest you get from Minotaur’s Nest on Dragon Nest. The only MMORPG. You can only have 1 special skill crest equiped at once. and its removable. But if you remove it. Itll be destroyed. The crest has a 180 second cool down. Recommended for people probably below level 30. At higher levels, you can get other special skill crests from high level raid dungeons.

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