So, one a many people have been wondering:
How can they get rich with nx. It’s illegal to sell it and they’ve heard how people have turned into Billionaires (1000aires) overnight. Others may say: I have too much nx and nothing to spend it on, what should I do?
Here are my few tips on spending your NX wisely for maximum profit.

The NX
When purchasing NX, I recommend getting at least 15k. You won’t really make much profit with 10k (though you will make some). The rest of my guide will be built around the 15k nx model though i will include information for 10k/25k/30k.

What to buy
Based of the market, I would recommend purchasing the following:
Approval Stamps:

AVG Market price: 45g approx. (Gerrant)

Blue Birds:

Avg Market Price: 40g ~ Approx. (Gerrant)

Magnifying Glass:

Price depends on server.
You can also buy the zone birds or stamps but they really don’t sell well/ aren’t great profit.

The Purchasing Scenario
With 15k nx:
I would purchase the following-

  1. 3 Approval Stamps (30 in total) thats 11700 nx
  2. 5 World Shouts thats 2600 nx
  3. 1 magnifying glass (if you have enough nx, otherwise save it)

With that you can make the following profit:
30 x 40 = 1200
5 x 42 = 210
Magnifying glass = go to nest and find a gold box, sell the equip for moolah
That is AT LEAST 1410g if not more from the gold box!

With 25k nx, i would recommend doing the same thing. Max out as many stamps as you can, and then buy world shouts or magnifying glasses till you have made the best profit possible. With 10k nx, you are really stuck with just buying 2 sets of stamps (20) and then 2 magnifying glasses. That would be your best way to profit. 800G+ 2 glasses = at minimum 1k profit.

by tips1660

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