Player Hacks

  • HP Hack ~> Freeze your maximum HP.
  • MP Hack ~> Freeze your maximum MP.
  • Fury Hack ~> Activate Fury mode.

Monster Hacks

  • Auto Kill ~> Kill all monsters on the map.
  • One Hit KO ~> Kill any monsters with 1 attack.
  • Monster Vac ~> Vac all monsters on the map to you.


Misc Hacks

  • Fort. Fast ~> Speeds up enchanting process. To do this, simply press ESC to activate the hack.
  • Champion Mode ~> Access to Champion mode without ticket!
  • Freeze Timer ~> Stops timer at 5:09 min, not useful for detecting OneHit KO at the end of the mission.
  • Anti Ban ~> Self Explanatory

VIP Hacks (Available in VIP version ONLY)

  • Pet MP ~> Freeze maximum MP of pet.
  • Item Vac ~> Vacs all items to your position.
  • Super Armor ~> God mode (super armor effect of the monsters in Heroic mode).
  • Level Bot ~> Similar to the Super Stage, however, you will be able to automatically start the stage, kill boss and repeat.Auto Mission ~>
  • Mouse Fly ~> Moves you to your cursor position.


  • Download the Base Pack
  • Run as admin on the trainer exe, open Grand Chase.
  • Once trainer shows up, log in using your GK forum account details.

If you get a message asking for “MSVCR100.dll” download this:

Source: Gamekiller

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