• Simple to use multi dll Injector with many options settings.
  • Close on Inject
  • Close to Tray
  • Always on Top
  • Load from Startup Directory
  • Load from last saved Dlls
  • Nice GUI
  • Fully undetectable.


  1. Run “MetaJect.exe” as administrator.
  2. In the “Target Process” field, type in the process name with or without the “.exe”.
    • v1.1 now supports saving process name!
    • v1.2 now supports injecting with or without “.exe” for the process name!
  3. Click the “…” browse button to add a .dll file. Repeat this step for every .dll file you want to inject.
    • v1.1 now supports multiselect!
    • v1.2 now saves the dll list!
  4. Choose either “Auto Inject” or “Manual Inject”. I recommend using manual as it works 100% of the time.
  5. (For Manual Inject only) Click the Inject button when you are ready to inject the .dll’s into the process. For Nexon games, this is when the HackShield updater (at the bottom right) shows




  • Added function to remember last process that was injected.
  • Added multiselect feature when browsing for dlls
  • Fixed bug where “Close on Inject” would not save the setting on Injector’s next run.


  • Added setting to load dll from application.startup directory.
  • Added setting to auto remember dlls that were selected.
  • Added function to allow “processName” or “processName.exe”.
  • Added new settings form to remove unnecessary bogus from the Injector form.
  • BUG: Clear Item temporarily does not work properly with saving and loading files… Will be fixed in the next update.


  • Added setting to minimize MetaJect to the tray.
  • Fixed Clear Item bug.
  • Changed dumb general Injector name to MetaJect.


  • Glossier and more compact GUI.
  • Removed a bunch of unnecessary code.
  • Added About form.
  • Added ALT hotkeys. Alt+I, Alt+S, etc…

Virus Scans:

Credits to: Meta

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