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Hello everypony!

Today I bring to you, the Fluttershy-Themed 4×4 texture pack for shy computers! My intention for this texture pack was for everypony who uses it to experience better performance and quicker rendering speeds while still fitting in with the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme.

The result is this very low resolution smooth softened texture pack. My intention was to offer the community a variety of various resolutions of texture packs, so that way I can try to make at least one that everypony will enjoy. I personally like this texture pack a lot – I think it actually came out better than I originally expected it to, also please note, that it is not truly an 8×8 texture pack, it is actually technically a standard 16×16 pack,but it does not require any modifications or the HD patcher to use, and in actuality it is a very quick to render pack, and 8×8 is as low as Planet Minecraft will let it be indexed as.

Some of the unique features of this pack are parasprite chickens, a themed user interface, and softened toned down colors. This pack even helps you see just a bit better at night and in caves.

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to : nathor75 from planetminecraft

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