Wooden Crossbow

Explosive Crossbow

Diamond Bolts

Fire Bolts

Notice: Requires ModLoader 1.2.5

What it adds:

  • Five Crossbows
  • 16 new items all together
  • 6 new arrows (Only works with crossbow)
  • Fully compatible
  • More to come!


  • Further testing – Please report problems below
  • Fix explosive bolt visual bug
  • More bolts? Tell me what you think…
  • SMP Support (for all 5 of my mods)
  • Where are the crafting recipes?


  • 1. Download & install ModLoader 1.2.5
  • 2. Download & install Minecraft Forge 1.2.5
  • 3. Open up your .minecraft folder (if you don’t know how just google/youtube search it)
  • 4. Open minecraft.jar (in the bin folder) with WinRar or 7-Zip
  • 5. Delete the META-INF folder
  • 6. Drag the ModLoader and Forge files into the jar
  • 7. Drag the contents of the “Into minecraft.jar” folder into minecraft.jar
  • 8. Done! Enjoy the mod.

Additional Details

Update log


  • Added custom crossbow sound. You have to install this or minecraft will look for it and not find it (crash).


  • Updated to minecraft 1.2.5

Progress: 100% complete
Credit to: micdoodle8 from planetminecraft


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