Adds 8 new drinks! THe drinks are:

  • Apple Juice
  • Golden Apple Juice
  • Melon Juice
  • Creeper Juice
  • Cake Shake
  • Diamond Fizz Soda
  • Fizzy Water
  • Sugar Water


  • 1)Open your minecraft.jar file with any archiving program e.g. WinWAR
  • 2)Copy the content in the “JAR FILES” folder into your minecraft.jar
  • 3)Install modloader (similar method as above)
  • 4)Delete meta-inf folder in your minecraft.jar
  • 5)Close WinWAR, 7-zip
  • 6)Done!

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete
Credit to: Pestyben from planetminecraft

Hunger quenching Drinks Mod



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