AARRGG! Overpopulation!!

Mo’ Humans v3.0


Ever feel lonely in Minecraft sometimes? Like you want to meet some other humans? Well then this mod is for you!

Mo’ Humans currently adds 14 new human mobs: The human, Rich Man, Knight, King, Jogger, Future Warrior, Ghost, Robot, Cookie Monster, Agent Steve, Pirates, Notch, Rainbow Steve, and Invisible Man.

  • Human: Basically a Steve. Drops wooden planks. Spawns more then others.
  • Rich Man: Has a suit on. Drops gold ingots.
  • Knight: Drops iron ingots. Has more health then human and rich man.
  • King: Drops golden helmet. Has more health then knight.
  • Jogger: Runs fast and drops diamond.
  • Future Warrior: Hostile. Drops portals. Deals 3 hearts damage. Spawns not so much.
  • Ghost: The texture right now isn’t so great. Drops eye of ender. Deals 2 hearts damage.
  • Robot: Drops iron ingot.
  • Cookie Monster: Drops cookies.
  • Agent Steve: Just a sneaky Steve. Drops ender pearls.
  • Pirate: Hostile. Deals 2.5 hearts damage. Drops Iron Sword
  • Notch: The creator of Minecraft in your game! Drops apples, but he has lots of health.
  • Rainbow Steve: Have a colorful human to brighten things up! Drops wool.
  • Invisible Man: Can’t be seen! It deals little damage and you only need to hit him once for him to die. Drops eye of ender.


  • Drag all files and drop into minecraft.jar.
  • Enjoy!

Additional Details

Change log


  • Added Doctor Who human


  • Changed Future Warrior skin


  • Ghost drops ender pearls


  • Robot drops iron chestplate


  • Knight drops iron swords

Progress: 70% complete

Credit to: felixmc from planetminecraft

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