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  • Copy the files from the Minecraft folder to the minecraft.jar
  • Delete the ‘/meta_inf’ folder in your minecraft.jar
  • Copy the ‘/shader’ folder to your ‘/bin’ folder

(If there is no ‘/shader’ folder in your ‘/bin’ folder create one; or simply drag the whole ‘/shader’ folder to your ‘/bin’ folder.)

A config file is found in the shader folder. It can be used to change parameters such as:

  • Visual: water color, waterfall color
  • Performance: there are a settings for disabling parts of the reflections and to decrease the reflection resolution
  • To disable water effects use ‘water_mode 0′

Incompatible graphic chips

  • ATI X1200 or lower
  • Graphic cards without GL_EXT_framebuffer_object support
  • Graphic cards without GL_ARB_shader_objects, GL_ARB_vertex_shader and GL_ARB_fragment_shader support
  • Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family (or lower; will in some cases result in the invisible world bug)

Execution problems and possible solutions:

Minecraft runs out of memory

Solution: change these two settings in your config.txt
anti_aliasing 1
reflection_resolution 2

An exception with: ‘cfgGrassFix’

Possible solution (no guarantee): use the modloader version when having modloader installed

Java.lang.SecurityException: SHA1 digest error for px.class

Solution: delete the ‘/meta_inf’ folder in your minecraft.jar

Fast flickering in the water

Solution: disable advanced opengl in your video settings menu

Black texture borders:

I had this problem too and i have seemed to of figured it out. It seemed to be caused because of a conflict between optifine and the water shader so I ended up doing this to fix it

1. patch a clean jar with mcpatcher only selecting HD textures and HD Font
2. Put all the files from optifine into the jar except for “aar.class” and “ni.class” (these 2 classes seem to be the classes that regulate hd textures and font so we want to keep the ones from mcpatcher)
3. install water shader as normal (shader folder in the bin class files in minecraft folder in the jar)

This should get rid of the messed up textures on the items you hold when using a texture pack with both optifine and water shader

Changelog alpha 5:

  • Modified 4f surface effects
  • Option to disable them

Version 5b

Version 5b for modloader (requires a modloader installation)

Credits to: Necrowizzard

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