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The Wetlands

The Nether


Mushroom Island

Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it.


  • This is a “fan-update” of GeruDoku, with a lot of elements/textures taken from Doku’s RPG pack (Not to be confused with DokuCraft). I say fan-update in quotations because it’s not a straight continuation. I don’t use a lot of the original GeruDoku textures, such as the cactus, pumpkin, or ore blocks, as I don’t think they fit the style as much as mine do. I’ve been using these textures for quite some time now, so I figured I’d share them for those who want to use them.
  • One of the main reasons I started this pack is because most GeruDoku continuations/fan-updates are half-assed, and typically don’t have much effort put into them. I feel as though mine has a lot more effort put into it, and I plan on updating this for all future MC updates as well, like I’ve been doing.
  • I’ve also added another version of the pack titled GeruDokuRPG Classic! No biome coloring at all (Grass/foliage/water/sky/fog/etc.), no randomobs, no animated textures, no custom lighting, and grass blocks and leaves have tiny flowers reminiscent of the version of Doku’s RPG that had them.

Mod Support

  • Custom fog/sky colors
  • Custom birch/pine colors
  • Custom map colors
  • Random tall grass textures
  • Random fern textures
  • Random flower textures
  • Random grass textures
  • Random leaf textures
  • And much more!
  • ExtraBiomesXL (And my RPG add-on)
  • Generator Ports
  • Wild Grass
  • Better Grass and Leaves
  • Better Swamps
  • Seasons
  • Twilight Forest
  • Thirst Mod
  • Zipline
  • Missing Blocks
  • Trees++
  • HappyCampers
  • Dehydration
  • Experium
  • Tale of Kingdoms (Original mod topic here)
  • TooManyItems
  • Not Enough Items, Ender Chest
  • TFC’s Gem Pack
  • Risugami’s Mods
  • Randomobs (MCPatcher)
  • Connected Textures Mod (OptiFine)

Additional Details

Textures needed:

  • Ocelot
  • Cat (All 3 types)
  • Enderdragon

After that, the texture pack will be officially complete.
Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: TDWP_FTW from planetminecraft


GeruDokuRPG Classic

GeruDokuRPG Origins

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