Ruby showcase!

Don’t be afraid with your new sword and armor!

New emeralds!

New emerald sword and armor!

New crystal tools!

A sapphire and two ruby blocks!

New crystal armor!

New healing gem and sapphire ore!


This mod adds new tools and gems. For now the mod adds rubies and improves emeralds.

Things to add

  • More gems
  • More tools
  • More armor
  • Maybe more slimes that drop gems.
  • Ores drop XP
  • Sapphire tools
  • Sapphire block

How to install

  • 1) Download and install modloader.(Search modloader on google
  • 2) Delete META-INF
  • 3) Copy all the files from the for minecraft.jar folder to your minecraft.jar
  • 4) Play the game!
  • 5) If you notice any bug please contact me at

Additional Details

Progress: 75% complete

Credit to: noahgilroy from planetminecraft

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