Wearing the

How to craft the light sabers

The handle

The new ore (looks a little bit like diamond)

How to craft a Double LightSaber

The bug

The new Gun!

Ammo for the gun!


The Lightsaber mod is a mod for minecraft, basically what it does is, it adds 4 different colours of lightsabers to the game, a Red one, a Blue one, a Purple one and a Green one. Basically all taht these are are new weapons in the game, they all do the same stuff. These are better than diamond sword so they are very good but the crytals that you have to find to make them are very rare.

Added Double LightSabers! which basicly has double as many uses, and this is a alpha version of the double lightsabers, there is a bug that i really have no idea how to fix atm. But i will fix soon!

Added Rebel guns and ammo

How to Craft

First you wanna get a iron or diamond pickaxe,
Next there is a new ore called crystalOre which can be found under layer 6 and itøs only one ore per chunk!
Then when you mine it you get a “Neutron Crystal” with this you can craft a lightsaber, but first you need the Handle of the light saber which can be crafted like this:

Now the light Saber is crafted like this:
C=Neutron Crystal
D=Dye (color) Lime=greenLightSaber, Lapis=Blue LightSaber, RedFlowerDye?=RedLightSaber, and PurpleDye=Purple LightSaber

Every thing is in the creative inv.

Notice: This mod requires Modloader.

Additional Details

Progress: 50% complete

Credit to: JavaBuckets from planetminecraft

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