New Radar functionality

Mob Icons. See through for above, darkened for below

Nethermap with waypoints

Squaremap with functioning waypoints


Za’s minimap is a rather famous minimap mod created by Zan.

Install instructions:

This mod is for minecraft 1.3.2.

Install map:

  • 1.In minecraft.jar, delete META-INF folder
  • 2.Put contents of putInMinecraft.jar folder into minecraft.jar. Do not put the folder into the jar, just its contents

Additional Details

Update log :


  • 1.3.2j adds death markers. Skull waypoint where you die! Also fixes the roundmap for older cards without FBOs. Won’t be as pretty, but should be fine!


  • 1.3.2H fixes the roundmap not being round on nVidia (and maybe other) cards.


  • Added Radar mode. Show mob icons on map (hostile, neutral or player).
  • Fixed up to be compatible with Magic Launcher or MCPatcher

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: MamiyaOtaru from planetminecraft

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