External Crosshair v3


What does it do?

  • It will display a crosshair over the chosen process or window until you stop it.

What’s new:

  • Rewritten from scratch and more neater (from coding perspective)
  • The crosshair should always in the correct place no matter what computer you use.
  • There is a crosshair preview now to see what each crosshair looks like.
  • No flicker whatsoever because of a new drawing method (no longer uses SetPixel)
  • There’s now a process list and window list.
  • Choosing a process will only target the process’ main window.
  • The window list contains ALL windows in your taskbar, not just the main window’s of the processes. This means you can easily target a specific window.
  • New crosshair designs: Dot and Large Dot.
  • You can now select a specific colour using the colour selector.
  • You can now adjust the X and Y offset of the crosshair (although you really don’t need this)


Can I get banned for this?

  • Absolutely not, this does not hook, write or read any memory from another process. The only thing it does is display a crosshair on a window.

Does this work on fullscreen games?

  • No (although I haven’t tried), that’d require hooking DirectX which could result in a ban.


How do I use this?

  • Download and extract the attachment
  • Run External Crosshair v3.exe
  • Click on Settings and choose a crosshair design, change the colour if you want
  • Close the window and click on Process.
  • Choose a process to target (only processes with windows will appear), you can also type in the name of a process (it must be on the list). Alternatively, you can click on Window List and choose a specific window.
  • Close the window and click Start.
  • Enjoy! Click Stop to close/hide the crosshair.


Virus Scans:




  • master131
  • pimvdb for a little snippet of code

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