MW3 RapidKnife / Auto Quickscope incl. Crosshair TESTED IN WINDOW MODE (without Frames)

What is it?

  • AutoQuickScope : Shoots automaticly with good Accuracy and with minimal Aim Time. & Shows you an RED Crosshair
  • RapidKnife: Knife`s with faster Cuts.

How to use:

  • Start MW3 / Start RapidKnife (make sure u have set “knife” to “E” )
  • Start MW3 / Start Quickscope incl. Crosshair (make sure u have “quickdraw” (german: Schnell ziehen) perk use “middlemouse”)

Notice: By Starting the Autoquickscope , the Red Crosshair will be automaticly starts with & set the position , if this is done press “F8″ to freez & keep it Permanent

Exit the Hole Script with [F9]

VAC Status: This is NEVER detectable.

Virus Scans:


CREDITS : Jorndel+ For helping me with the Auto Crosshair

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