SuBot: Mage, Ice , Turtle y Aduka

The first thing to do is download and unzip the file.

Then run the exe and pass the clicks.

When exit the next window, enter the GunBound and play.

Version GB


  • Run Aimbot and support your favorite website.
  • Important Close all browser windows, especially if internet explorer before-Login to GunBound
  • At GunBound Logeate within any room Press Delete / Del, to start the Aimbot in Memory Mode.
  • Have fun.




  Insert                    Mode BackShot
  Supr/Del                  Active mode Memory
  Ctrl + Mouse              Position of the enemy
  Ctrl + F12                Closing the suBot
  Re. Pag                   Increases the Mobile
  Av. Pag                   Decrease the Mobile

PS: Run as administrator in Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 programs run as the user that opened session in the operating system. However, some programs need to run as administrator.

The proper way to run as administrator is: press the right mouse button on the icon and we get the following contextual menu:


Download Link:

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