• Hotkeys only set when Warcraft III is on, auto detect chat and lobby suspend.
  • Doesn’t affect shopping keys with “Replace real keys” disabled.
  • Invoker & Meepo hotkeys.
  • Quick messaging hotkeys.
  • Key remapping.
  • Inventory hotkeys.
  • Auto-cast hotkeys.
  • Crow fast transfer hotkeys.
  • And more …



  • The script is a combination from many sources, many thanks to AucT with his AHT, Warkey++ for the idea of “fully replace keys”, Crisgon DTK for the ideas of Invoker & Meepo.
  • The script is for non-commercial purpose, no ads included, I don’t have any profit from this. I just want to share a tool with features that many hotkeys developers don’t dare to add.



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