suBot Pro International

version 12.06.13

This new version no longer need to copy anything, self-injected at GunBound, once you are finished making 4 clicks concerned.

How to use:

  • The first thing to do is download and unzip the file.
  • Then run the exe and pass clicks.

  • When you see the next window, enter the GunBound and playing.


  1. Run Aimbot and support your favorite website.
  2. Important Close all browser windows, especially if internet explorer to log in before GunBound
  3. Please sign in GunBound, in any room press Supr/Del, Aimbot to start in Mode Memory.
  4. You can play “Interface Nueva o Antigua“.
  5. Diviertanse.


  • Insert Modo BackShot
  • Supr/Del Activa modo Memoria
  • Ctrl + Mouse Posicion del enemigo
  • Re. Pag Avanza el Mobil
  • Av. Pag Disminuye el Mobil

Note: Run as administrator in Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 programs run as the user that opened session in the operating system. However, some programs need to run as administrator.

The proper way to run as administrator is: press the right mouse button on the program icon and we get the following from the context menu: (GamersDL Server)

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