Alright, this is a teleport hack packed into a trainer.

What it does is, it records your current location and can be set as a checkpoint for further use. You can set upto 6 checkpoints.

Hotkeys for those checkpoins are ALT+1 to ALT+6 respectively.

How to use:

  • Replace GPKitClt.dll with the original one to disable GPK
  • Put the trainer anywhere. [Best is in desktop, for convenience]
  • Run your DragonNest client first and run the trainer.


  • Setting a checkpoint in your current place will save the X,Y and Z value of your location. You can recall it by pressing ALT+1-ALT+6 respectively.
  • Example. You want to set a point where you want to teleport on the FIC boss. Upon reaching the boss stage tick “Set Checkpoint 1″ or any of the 6. And press ALT plus Numbers 1-6 to recall or teleport. (not working in Numpads)

Virus Scans:

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