The Bedroom – Glass Ceiling Version

The Bathroom – Glass Ceiling Version

Hallway -Glass Ceiling Version

Hallway Front Door – Glass Ceiling Version

Hallway -Glass Ceiling Version

Kitchen and Dining Room – Glass Ceiling Version

Kitchen – Glass Ceiling Version

The Dollhouse – Living Room.

The Model Train Set – Living Room.

The Fireplace and Entertainment Center – Living Room


Quote from Verques

I decided to make this version of The Great Cheese a little easier for anyone who thought the original map was too dark. I have replaced the old ceiling with a glass one. There are now two versions of this map.

Follow in the smallest Minecraft footsteps to recover the cheese. Two inches tall? Not a problem. Go through, around and up in this gigantic world to complete the Great Cheese Monument. 26 pieces of cheese with 4 bonus pieces to find along with the 24 bonus lights, fire and water quests to activate and complete. Play tested at 9-12 hours of game play.

The rules:

  • No hacks or mods that would ruin the maps challenge. (The only exception to this rule is for LP’rs to provide enough light in their videos for their viewers.)
  • Stay within the map’s boundaries.
  • Break what you like.
  • Dig where you like.
  • Craft whatever you think will help.
  • Kill what you can and try to survive.
  • Follow the story line and/or objectives.


  • Use your favorite texture pack.
  • Make an LP and inform me so I can support your channel.
  • Post your adventures and constructive feedback so I may continue to make quality maps for this community.
  • Play on any difficulty level but never peaceful. This map was made for combat.

Screenshots taken in Azas Arid texture pack

Additional Details

Progress: 100% Complete

Credits to: Verques

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