Step 1 – Download PerX Injector

Step 2 – Download [Undetected] VinPub92.dll HERE

Step 3 – Download [Detected] ConsoLite 1.49d HERE

Step 4 – Open Notepad

Step 5 – Write down all your binds on separate lines and on the last line write down “host_writeconfig”. Then hit the “enter” bar to leave a space below your binds list. It should look something like this:

Step 6 – Open your Vindictus folder and go to the cfg folder. The default destination is: C:\Nexon\Vindictus\cfg. Either delete the “config.cfg” file, or cut it and paste it on your desktop. Note: For EU players, the file is titled config_ex.cfg

Step 7 – Open PerX Injector and load BOTH Vinpub92.dll and consolite1.49b.dll

Step 8 – Open the Vindictus website.

Step 9 – Okay now you’re going to do a lot of things as fast as possible.

  • Step 9.1 – Launch Vindictus from the website.
  • Step 9.2 – “Select All” in your open Notepad document and “Copy” it.
  • Step 9.3 – When ConsoLite tells you that you are ready to input commands, right click in the command prompt and hit “Paste”
  • Step 9.4 – Press “Enter” after “host_writeconfig” to make sure you’ve input the command.
  • Step 9.5 – Now before doing ANYTHING, go to “cfg” folder that you opened and you should find a new “config” file. Copy it and paste it in the same folder.
  • Step 9.6 – Go to the console in which you pasted all your binds and hit the “X” button to close it. This should shut down Vindictus.

You need to do all of this before the game detects the hacks. It should take no more than 20 seconds.

Step 10 – Your commands should be bound now. Go to your “cfg” folder. You should find two files in there. One is called “config” and one is called “config – copy”. Delete the file titled “config”

Step 11 – Rename the file “config – copy” to “config”. Once renamed, back this file up (copy it and paste the copy on your desktop or somewhere where you will remember it). This is the file that has all your custom binds on it.

Step 12 – This is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Right click the file titled “config” in your Vindictus cfg folder and hit “Properties”. Next to where it says “Read Only”, make sure that the box has a check in it. If it doesn’t, check-mark it now. This will prevent Vindictus from ever overwriting your binds.

Step 13 – Open PerX injector again, but this time make sure to ONLY load “Vinpub92.dll”. Make sure that you have removed “consolite1.49b.dll” from the list.

Step 14 – Launch Vindictus from the website.

Step 15 – If you did everything correctly and followed this guide step for step, your binds should be working in game without needing an undetected console.

Note: Do NOT change your in-game settings after doing all of this. Changing settings, controls and even video or audio options overwrites the config file. If you happen to change any of that and your binds stop working, just shut down the game and replace your config.cfg with the backup you made earlier. Make SURE to make the file “Read Only”.

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