WooTrans.exe is exclusively the “Trans Only NO Hacks” portion of Woo.exe

Main features:

  • NA/EU
  • All resolutions supported except “Custom -> Fullscreen”
  • Will join user-inputted channel every time bot goes to town
  • Option to use campfire and hp pots to get titles
  • Error detection loops for server overload messages
  • Can level up trans on multiple chars for the same account

NOTE: I will not be continuously updating this standalone feature if it gets detected as long as the complementary hacks to Woo.exe are up and running. This feature is fully included in the complete version of Woo.exe as a map choice.

What This Does:

Once you get to level 40, you have the opportunity to do the Pact quests, which results in gaining the Transformation skill. You MUST have the skill unlocked already to use this. If you’re new to this game, FYI: this is imperative to have in order to kill the harder raid bosses with crappy gear (most people aren’t rich!). You can transform only once an hour; you will gain 75 trans exp points for using the skill, and potentially another 25 from doing damage to monsters while in trans. With a full 100 pts each trans, it takes 800 transforms to max the skill. If you use trans every hour around the clock, it will take 33 days. If you play 2 hours, every day, it will take you over 13 months to max the skill.
This will use trans for you once an hour, and get 75% of the max xp each time. It will take 44 days to max your trans running this. I would suggest using this to complement your normal play; use trans while you’re on your character to get the full 100% exp.

How to use:

  • 1 – Start WooTrans.exe as admin (You can start this before or after Vindictus)
  • 2 – Get on a boat in Colhen
  • 3 – Hit “Home” on your keyboard
  • 4 – Input “Max Runs” number, channel to join if you want (leaving both boxes unchecked will not use this feature) and check use slot boxes if desired. Slots 1 and 2 can be used for drinking potions/using campfires for titles.
  • 5 – Hit “Start” and walk away


  • “Home” to start
  • “Pause” to pause (Do NOT use while bot is moving in a battle)
  • “End” to stop

GUI interfaces:

How to level up multiple chars on the same account:

Reference image below. If you want to level up trans on more than one account, simply check “Use Multiple Chars on Account”, and then check the character slots you would like to use on your account. All characters desired must be on the SAME account.

Virus Scans:



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